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What's New
Niagara Helicopters Sold January 7, 2012
Helicopter Transport Services Canada purchases Niagara Helicopters Limited. Ruedi Hafen to remain onboard as Vice President Public Relations.
"... not only does your operation aspire to the highest industry and regulatory standards, but you have introduced many additional systems, and modifications, which though optional to your company, represent a real advancement in both passenger comfort and safety, and a softening on the environmental impact of the helicopters."
Niagara University, NY recognizes President and Chief Pilot of Niagara Helicopters, Ruedi Hafen by presenting him with the Purple Eagle in recognition of his Niagara sightseeing business
Our Guestbook

Dear Ruedi,
We had a great time! Thanks! I quite appreciate your time, and that you gave me a glimpse into your operation. There was a lot for me to learn and appreciate at your facility, and I did. I was truly impressed with the way you do things, and the incredible detail and thought that you put into a safe and effective operation. The reasons for your success are self evident!
It is entirely apparent to me that so much of what you have accomplished would only be noticeable or apparent to those of us in the industry who have a familiarity with how it would be, if you had not put in all of that effort and expense. Though I'm sure that your many passengers appreciate the nice ride, great view, and clean fresh helicopters.
Please always remember that the things we do inspire others, even when we don't realize we are doing it. Ruedi, you're inspirational! And, by the way, I was inspired to be a good pilot by the relaxed confident flying technique demonstrated by pilots like you for decades. I was inspired again during our flight. I'm only a lifetime of flying helicopters away from having that skill myself!
Please accept my appreciation, and convey to your staff that their contribution to the quality of your operation is quite apparent too!

Jim Watson - Ontario

Just a note to thank you for an amazing experience. I took my father for a combination surprise birthday present and a clean bill of health after months of chemo. The lady at the counter said dad could sit next to the pilot. Extra cool! It was a once in a lifetime thrill for us! I think he was a little nervous too but once we saw the beautiful Niagara sights, the nervousness went away. We purchased the pictures and he's now showing them off to his friends.
Karen - Canada